“Be yourself – everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde

I don't know about you, but the first thing that comes to mind after reading that quote is, “Enough said!” Maybe for you, you actually have the response "How? How do I do this? It feels really scary and hard."

If you're in the second category, wondering how to feel bold enough to step into your true, authentic self then I've got you covered. I'd love for everyone to know how to feel good, being themselves. My motto is really "Feel Good, Being You."

We all deserve to know what that feels like, and it's the driving force behind everything I do here at MAME

Here are seven great reasons it's worth doing this, maybe you can think of more (I'd love to hear them!)

The 7 benefits of you being your awesome self according to MAME.

1. Being authentically you allows you to breathe easier
Hiding and pretending can be emotionally, mentally, physically exhausting.  The more you allow your essence to mature, the less stress will be in your life and the more relaxed you’ll be in every area of your life.

2. Less stress makes you more productive 
You know it’s true.  When you’re not stressed out and can focus on what’s going on in front of you rather than trying to live as you aren’t, your productivity in your work, your play and your life in general will skyrocket. 

3. Greater trust
When people see you living in alignment with your values, see you being straightforwardly yourself, their trust in you will soar. And trustworthy people make great leaders. If you become known for being honest and trustworthy, you’re more likely to be promoted or given opportunities.

4. Being true to yourself will help you remember how to dream
Surviving each day being untrue to yourself just to survive the next steals your creativity and passion.  Allowing yourself to dream again will open doors you deadbolted years ago and lead to your purpose.  Imagine actually living each day inspired by doing what brings you joy.  Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible!

5. Life will much easier
Yes, life will be much easier to live when you are truly yourself.  Trying hard to be like Mr.A to impress everyone can be mentally and physically exhausting.  Life becomes more difficult because you are in a opposition to what your heart really needs.  When you are truly yourself, you live life at your own pace. 

6. You will make better decisions
Yes,  you will make better decisions when you are true self.  If you give in to social norms and follow the herd, you are likely to value other’s people’s opinion more than you listen to what your heart says. You are more likely to make wrong decisions this way.  But when you embrace your true personality and follow your heart, you can hardly go wrong.

7. Being you will give you confidence
Now that you’re trying on your own shoes instead of walking in someone’s that are too small, you won’t have to focus on the pain of pretending.  You can walk taller, throw your shoulders back and hold your head high.  Regardless of your gender, you know wearing stylin shoes that fit makes you feel better about yourself and puts a spring in your step.  Let that confidence carry you through the whole day – and the whole day after that.

Often times we have spent so much of our lives being what we thought we needed to be for a myriad of reasons that we truly don’t know who the heck we are. 

Whether it is believing something because we were raised in such a way, saying the perfect response to acquire the job we so desperately want, behaving a certain way to maintain a relationship with a significant other or wearing a certain piece of clothing because it’s the trend of the season and want to fit in, we consciously contort ourselves to become what others would prefer us to be, or what we think others want us to be instead of being who we are meant to be.

Continue to surprise, dazzle and enrich your life be just being you.  It is the best gift you could ever possibly give yourself.  





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