The Story Behind Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™

Melissa Allen Mood Essentials
  • How bloody awesome would it be if you could be FINALLY be truly you?  

Wouldn’t life be great if everyone was your greatest cheerleader ….Raving fans, constant praise at your workplace, family & friends were always singing your praises.  There is an effortless unfolding of life in choosing your true self – less stress, more understanding, less frustration and more compassion. Life would be feeling pretty good, wouldn’t it?

Sometimes life isn’t always perfect and more than ever with a fast paced world, expectations can be taxing…However you do have the right to be yourself and fragrance can help…

Most fragrances try to cover you up, have you ever noticed that?  Everyone smells the same… you get constant messages to be someone you are not – that’s not you. That’s you trying to be someone else.

You know what my Mood Essentials fragrances help to reveal who you truly you are.  I have learnt how important it is not to cover up, but instead to learn to reveal who you are…. You can do much more with your life it you stay true to you… that’s when the best version of you comes to the table.

My story starts in my teenage years when my parents divorced…and life had become….well let’s not say that much fun.  To overcome the bad times I became a bit of a dreamer of all different things, but one was to develop my own fragrances.  Fragrances were always something I loved and brought me joy….And Joy and Fun were definitely things I wanted to bring back into my life…

In my early twenties I started to believe I could truly be me.  I saw people like Richard Branson on TV and I felt positive that I too could become truly who I knew I could be….

I learnt how to change my mindset and I was able to change my life without big budgets, or being backed by a rich family or large a supportive group.  I have also really understood the subtle power of fragrance to reveal who you are and  just like I had to learn who I was – regardless of your background

I did it and you can too!  You have the power to change in your hands.  The benefits of fragrance can help you become the person you truly are and enjoy life.

You have the right to feel good about yourself and be really you – which has always been my motivator for developing my Mood Essentials

. xx

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