Welcome to Melissa Allen Mood Essentials

We are a fragrance house with soul based in Sydney, Australia. 

Our unisex fragrance and skincare products have been lovingly, deliberately created to help you reconnect with the best, brightest, truest version of yourself.

What if we told you that research has shown a way for us to intentionally declare how we want to feel - whether, that's calm, focused, confident, or joyful - then we can aim to make it happen.

Well, according to research, one of the simplest ways to help elevate our mood has been right under our nose (see what we did there) all along.  In fact, our olfactory response is connected with the limbic system and the emotional centre of the brain - and inhaling certain scents can be hugely powerful in helping to shift our emotional state.

Armed with this information, we set about crafting a bespoke range of fragrances and scented products, using 100% natural essential oils and underpinned by the science of scent, in order to invite four powerful emotional states in the wearer: confidence, calm, focus and joy.

Designed to help you feel good on the inside (and smell divine on the outside).

Proud to be....

Just like we seek to help our customers reconnect to with the best selves, strive to always bring our best to the table too.  That's why our business is founded on strong principles, ensuring our impact on our community (that includes you!) and our planet is as kind as possible.  We are proud our products are made in Australia and to be striving towards sustainability with our fragrance boxes being PEFC certified stock with vegetable ink and recycled water.

We believe in....


You wont' find any outlandish claims here.  To the best of our knowledge, just fact, backed by research.


We strive to be as kind to the planet as possible, which is why we reduce our environmental impact by keeping all our products on-shore here in Australia.


Here's a confession: we are still working on making our packaging 100% recyclable.  We're not quite there yet (because it turns out these things are rather tricky to nail) but watch this space!

That's why we've crafted scents that don't smell like every other fragrance on the market.  They're made to stand out as deliciously one-of-a-kind, just like you.



Why, hello there.

We created a cult range of scents and skincare for modern folk just like you.  If you've found your way here, let us take an educated guess that....

You're yearning to reconnect to your best self (you know, the one who lights up a room)....

....But, the busy-busy and general chaos of the planet right now has you a million miles away.

You don't want to wear the cookie-clutter same fragrance as your best mate, or that girl on the next table.

Nope, you want to be remembered by the can't-put-your-finger-on-it, inimitable scent that turns heads when you enter the room - and keeps them wondering long after you've said your goodbyes.

You' don't care to pinned down by "rules"

What's a 'female' scent vs. a 'male scent', anyway?

But mostly, you're yearning to reconnect to a feeling....

Whether it's a little calm among the busy-busy, unwavering confidence in the face of the day, focus when you mind feels scattered like confetti, or an overflowing abundance of joy (yes, please!).

Reconnect to your best self

Our fragrances are like a choose your own adventure for your heart, Ready?

I want to feel like....
 Calm Fragrance  Confidence Fragrance  Focus Fragrance  Joy Fragrance
 I'm sinking into a pool lounger, drink in hand  I'm effortlessly giving off I've got this vibes at ever turn I'm right here, right now - and there's nowhere else I'd rather be I'm dancing with my best friends
Come this way I Have Calm  Come this way I Have Confidence  Come this way I Have Focus

Come this way

I Have Joy 

I want to smell like....
A lazy stroll among the wildflowers after the rain A heady cloud of bold breathe-me-in aromas Fresh forest vibes, fringed by roll- around-in grass An Aperol spritz with a subtle floral twist
Try.... I Have Calm  Try.... I Have Confidence  Try.... Have Focus


I Have Joy 


Meet Melissa Allen

Hi, I'm Melissa.

I created Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ because, at the heart of it, I believe that we all have the right to be unapologetically, truly ourselves - and I learnt that fragrance can help.

I'm not perfect at all, and for a long time, I wanted to be someone else.  I just didn't feel good about myself.  Eventually, I learnt that 'masking' ourselves all the time is exhausting.

Today, years later, I've finally let myself off the hook for my imperfections.  I feel good being me, and I feel so much happier now that I'm not trying to be someone I'm not.  Most of all?  I've learnt when you are your true self, the magic begins.  This is what allows you to live your best life (not the better job, or the Insta-worthy kitchen).

I have had a passion for fragrance since I was a teenager, mixing up amateur (and very questionable!) 'perfumes' at home.  And, one thing I began noticing once I grew up and finally became comfortable in my own skin, was that most fragrances try to cover you up (have you ever noticed that?).

So, I decided to create a range of fragrances to smell great and help reveal who you truly are.  Because you can do much more with your life if you stay true to you....that's when the best version of you comes to the table!

I'm so glad that you are here, and I hope you love the Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ range as much as I loved creating them.

Melissa xx