The Story Behind Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™

Melissa Allen Mood Essentials


Hi my name is Melissa and I am the founder behind Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ and I believe everyone has the right to enjoy life and be happy.  

I believe it starts with a positive mind set, but I know at times that can be easier said than done.... 

Today's modern world can cause stress to everyone, some a little, some a lot...

There are many roles to play - mother/father, sister/brother, grandparent, friend, work, colleague and tasks to juggle -  successful job, buying the perfect house, having a happy relationship, keeping healthy & fit, catching up with friends and family, paying the bills etc ....the list is endless ....but it is important to look after yourself and sometimes no amount of self talk works..... This is why I have created Melissa Allen Mood Essentials.

I have always loved fragrances and to receive perfume has always been special to me.  I love the way the sense of smell makes me feel.  I have always had my favourite designer fragrances but I have also learnt how fantastic essentials oils are.  This is why I have created Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™,  I want to take make a positive difference to you with my fragrances.

Gone are the days of stirring pots and plain bottles, these days essential oils are super chic, effective, natural and a joy to use.  Not only do they smell great but they also have the additional benefits of helping you feel better in order for you to become the best version of yourself.

My vision is to provide you with a lifestyle tool that is accessible, and that has a genuine intention to help you smell great, feel better, dream bigger, overcome hurdles and feel positive about your life.  I also believe when you are feeling good, you are looking good!

Infused with 100% Natural Essential oils, Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ are uplifting 100% unisex fragrances to add to your collection of perfumes/colognes to use throughout the day to help keep you smelling great and feeling great!

I plan to further expand the product line offered on the website and by periodically updating the merchandise I hope to encourage customers to keep coming back to the online store and check out what new items have been added.

My aim is to make a difference in this world and if my feel good fragrances help you become the best version of yourself, I’ll be super happy xx