"I absolutely love Melissa Allen Mood Essential products!  We have been struggling for the past two years with twins who will not sleep through the night.  After initially trying I Have Calm myself, I began to add a spray to each child’s pillow at bedtime.  It worked wonders!  We have begun to enjoy more sleep and the twins are much calmer at bedtime. But the benefits have not been limited to the twins.  While I use I Have Calm as a perfume and to manage stress, my husband has been using I Have Confidence as cologne and to help him address issues at work.  These products are amazing.  I only wish I had come across them earlier.  Thank you so much!"  - Ann Leslie, NSW


"I'm loving the new Mood Essentials by Melissa Allen range. It's amazing how a scent can totally transform the way I feel - whether it be to make me feel calm and relaxed, or uplifted and confident. I can't wait to try other scents from the range." - Brooke Hill, Business owner, NSW


"I love the "I have Calm" spray.... My job and life can get pretty stressful and a little spray of the essential oils or even on my skin really made a difference.  It's a little break in my day!" - Fabiola Dos Santos, Corporate Lawyer, VIC


"We have started using the mood essential "Calm" and we are happy to say it helps us relax, given our busy schedules and particularly now during the hectic lead up to Christmas.   We would have no hesitation in recommending this product to others to try as we are sure it will work for you, just like it works for us."  - Tom & Ann Thornton, NSW


"When I came across "Confidence", from the new Mood Essentials by Melissa Allen, I felt like I'd stumbled across my own secret weapon.  A quick spritz makes me feel uplifted, refreshed and confident and ready to take on what ever the day throws at me."  - Michael Fletcher, VIC


"I have recently tried Melissa Allen Mood Essentials line of fragrances and was very impressed with their freshness and beautiful aromas and the fact that they are manufactured out of essential oils is a very appealing aspect of the product.  I was particularly keen to try the "I Have Calm" fragrance because of the lavender ingredient as I have trouble sleeping sometimes and I wanted to spray it on my pillow and I have actually found it very relaxing and, I do, in fact, find that it has helped me relax at night and I am therefore having a better quality of sleep.  I also really enjoy using "I Have Confidence" as well and it is nice to have a couple of different fragrances to wear and enjoy." - Val Damrow, NSW


"I got my package of GORGEOUS fragrances and I am so in love!!  Oh my gosh they smell like heaven!!!  Oh thank you so much, I am so grateful!!  I will do a couple of posts this week and then you can expect posts in the future and there for sure!  Thank you! I was excited for these but had no idea I would love them this much!  So grateful!” - Breck Banks, (Breckhouse) - Beauty Blogger, USA


"Where do I start… the website was very easy to navigate, and the shipping was extremely fast.

I have decided that Melissa Allen’s Mood Essentials are going to be my new favourite gifts to friends and family. Like she states on her website, it is a different approach to fragrances, that offer a great smell, have health benefits, and are very reasonably priced.

The presentation of these bottles and the packing is impeccable, you can tell that a lot of thought, and planning has gone into the creation of these special products. The fragrances smell amazing, I will be using them daily. They have no harsh chemicals, so I feel confident that I am not harming my body.

Thank you Melissa Allen for these gorgeous products”. - Claudia Hainey - Business owner, NSW


"These interesting little bottles landed on my desk here at BB HQ, and I am so glad they did.  My week days are spent listening to, and solving other peoples problems. Most of my days are filled with frustration, anxiety and a huge amount of emotional exhaustion. So, it goes without saying that sometimes I need breather or a bit of a boost, and Mood Essentials do just that. I love essentials oils and believe that they can positively affect my mood. I have been spraying I Have Confidence and I Have Calm around like you wouldn’t believe.  It gives me a little boost, and allows me a moment to gather my thoughts and practice a little bit of mindfulness”. - Camille,

Beauty Blogger - On a A Beauty Bender, NSW


Mood Essentials is perfect to use on a hot day as a refreshing spray.  I also use it when travelling to alleviate the effects of flying especially when travelling long haul. - Deb, VICTORIA


 Ever since I started spraying “I Have Calm” on my pillow of an evening, I have been sleeping better than ever.  I often used to wake up at night, but since using the Mood Essentials it has helped promote sleep - “I’m a big fan!  It smells great and definitely helps me to relax after a long, stressful day.  A spray at work also helps me when I’m having a busy stressful day.  Even my boyfriend loves it!  I also love the “I Have Confidence” spray.  It’s a light, refreshing smell that I spray before the gym of a morning - I swear it helps me work out better as well. - Jenna Smith, PR Account Manager, NSW


Enjoying the Melissa Allen Mood Essentials, an amazing combination of perfume and aromatherapy, helps you to feel joy and dream bigger.  I use the two depending on my mood and the day.  I feel the calm fragrance is perfect for a stressful work week to help me relax and get excited for the weekend ahead. -Anna Segova, Sydney based model


I am a Human Resources Manager and have spent the last 20 years conducting interviews, so it is expected that I would be extremely confident on the other side of the table when interviewing for a new job, however this was not the case.  I get extremely nervous, there is a lot to take in and you want to find out as much as you can within an hour about your next possible career move whilst also putting forward the best version of yourself.  I recently went for a job interview and to calm my nerves and to give me an extra boost of confidence, I sprayed Melissa Allen Mood Essentials - I Have Confidence before my interview.  When I arrived I sprayed “Confidence” and sat for 5 minutes gathering my thoughts and taking in the essence of confidence.  The “I Have Confidence” definitely helped, the interview was successful and it was the most confident I have been in an interview.  Thank you Melissa Allen Mood Essentials for the extra boost of confidence when needed!!! - Tammy Medhurst, HR Manager


For me wellbeing is about being able to look at all areas of your life and understand the strategies that can help improve every aspect. Being introduced to Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ is another step that contributed immensely to making me feel good without all the effort! A spritz of Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ I Have Confidence everyday in the morning helps me get into the right head space to take on the day. Then at night I like to spray a bit of I Have Calm on my pillow -  it’s the perfect way to relax and unwind after a busy day. Who knew that a fragrance could do more than just make you smell great?! Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ is the perfect addition to your daily routine and with the travel sizes, you can take them everywhere knowing you have that extra bit of wellbeing with you always! -Tahlia Crinis, Business Owner
Perfect size to take travelling in my handbag and one on my bedside table. They instantly made me relax and calm and reduced my anxiety immensely by slowing down my breathes and enjoying the divine scents Melissa provides! - Sheri Nixon, Victoria