"I was on the hunt for some Australia made fragrances that use natural essential oils and are cruelty-free fragrance when I discovered Melissa Allen Mood Essentials - YAY!
Not only do they smell delicious but the essential oils used are based on the age-old principals of aromatherapy that can act as mood enhancers which I just love!
My favourite is I Have Calm which I spray on before bed at night. I have been having so many sleep-disrupted nights due to reaching that "FUN" age that women do. I Have Calm helps me relax and wind-down - it's now part of my bedtime ritual and I'm seeing a great improvement as a result” - Danielle Appi


 “With all the work/life changes happening here at the moment, I have been so anxious about how everything will turn out.  I popped some of my new I Have Calm fragrance on this morning and instantly felt myself relax” - The Neutral Stylist


"Ever since crossing paths with Melissa Allens range there hasn't been a single day that I haven't used her amazing hand cream. It smells and feels great!” -Joshua Hubbard


"The range is incredible. I am currently using the I am Calm range (body wash + hand cream) and I’m enjoying the results! I am left feeling very clean and fresh, it’s great to wind down of a night due to the scent. The hand cream keeps my hands from drying out from excessive washing. Very thankful for these products right now! Can’t wait to try some more.” - The Barnett-Andersons

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