Natural perfumes


When you choose clothes to wear in the morning, what you’re actually doing is deciding who your’e going to be on that day. 

And of course that depends entirely on your mood and the frame of mind you want to project to those around you

We’re quite used to thinking of clothes in this way – will it be the glitter-covered red t shirt or the silky beige blouse?

But for some reason many of us don’t extend the same idea to perfume.

Fragrance doesn't only make you smell good... It can also boost your confidence and self esteem, improve your concentration and help you sleep.  You may not realise it, but that unassuming little bottle of perfume in your bathroom cabinet has attributes way beyond making people wanting to take a second sniff of your neck.

There is no doubt that a well chosen scent can chime with our feelings and help us be the person we want to be when we open our wardrobe and at the day at the end of the day I believe when you are feeling good you are looking good.....

Interesting tips below research has shown:

  1. Lavender is thought of as a sleep aid and helps calm the nerves

  2. Peppermint is to alleviate stress

  3. Cinnamon takes away fatigue

  4. Citrus tones are associated with cleansing as well as improving mood and concentration

  5. By using the attributes of scents to your advantage, you could feel more comfortable in a variety of situations, starting from the home.

After all if you are feeling good you are looking good.....