Corporate | Unisex Fragrances Designed with Natural Essential Oils

be your true self, mood boost

There’s something special about giving a gift with purpose. A gift that helps someone feel good and helps to reveal their true self.

Whether it be needing more confidence for work or an important conference, calmness after a busy day, or a better way to have a good night sleep, especially when travelling, there is a fragrance designed to help

If you are looking for that something extra special for a team mate, client, colleague or company gift them with Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ – Feel Good fragrances™. 

Our newly developed Mood Essentials™ Multi Purpose Hand Sanitiser Mist that can be used for both hands & surfaces is becoming extremely popular at the moment as a result of the need to remain clean and hygienic.

Whatever gift or experience you are looking for, we offer corporate discounts, so get in touch.

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