I Have Calm - Unisex Fragrance Designed with Natural Essential Oils

I HAVE CALM -  was created to help manage anxiety and stress and to bring forth calmness and balance, encouraging relaxation and a clear calm mind

Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ fragrances are blended with 100% natural essential oils designed to target those everyday feelings that so many of experience...
I Have Calm
Think about the feeling you get when you get a breath of fresh air. You instantly feel relaxed, calm and collected...or at the very least feel better than you did breathing in stale air
That’s aromatherapy that you are receiving from the earth.  The scents of nature stimulate your body, sending messages from your nose to your brain.
Essential oils basically capture the aroma in a bottle - allowing you to narrow in on the benefits you want...

Essential oils such as lavender, rosewood, patchouli, bergamot, sandalwood, neroli petals bigarade and orange can help with relaxation, anxiety and stress.  Eucalyptus and Petitgrain Oil are included and may help refresh the mind.

Lavender essential oil used in the blend is one of the most popular and versatile / multi purpose essential oils used in aromatherapy.  The oil promote relaxation and is believed to help with anxiety depression to name a couple.

Rosewood oil utilised helps to improve mood by reducing the inflamed nerves in your brain, that may be inhibiting the creation of proper use of those feel good hormones, that your body creates in response to stress.

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