Melissa Allen Mood Essentials, unisex fragrances, body mists, body mist, eau de parfum, skincare, body washes, blended in Australia


It’s with great delight we present to you a celebration of scents that have taken your hearts by storm and been our pride and joy!

Melissa Allen Mood Essentials, unisex fragrances, body mists, body mist, zen spray, body washes, eau de parfum, blended in Australia
 "Love this fragrance!"
  "I use my I Have Calm as an everyday 
  perfume.  It's light, fresh and calming"

  "A beautiful calming scents that I really enjoy   
  wearing.  It is not too overpowering but has a
  gentle hum of fragrance"

  "Oooh, I just love this spray, smells so 
  calming and relaxes my senses.  Always 
  a great way to de-stress and keep calm. Love it"



confidence, self doubt, self esteem, stand tall, feel good, refreshing, revitalising, body mist, natural essential oils, unisex, blended in Australia, not tested on animals
"A beautiful blend perfume, which is so uplifting! I loved using it"
"A beautiful blend that is so uplifting I have used this fragrance a few times now and it is a wonderful blend that everyone always compliments me on"
"Lovely fresh scent to keep in your bag!  I also have the matching body wash and it is beautiful to start the day.  Both equally vibrant and fresh with essential oils.  I love them"


eaudeparfum, longlasting, unisex, genderless, scent, natural essential oils, nottestedonanimals, vegan friendly, blended in Australia
 "The fragrance is beautiful, I love it!!"

 "Life Story is my absolute go-to-perfume at the  
 moment.  It is a perfect blend of some of my favourite
 natural fragrances, including sandalwood, citrus, and
 bergamot, and it actually lasts the whole day!  I even
 got the "you smell good" compliment the other day,
 which makes me love it even more!  A must buy!"

 "I find myself reaching for this bottle every morning -
 whether I'm going out to impress or home alone for me
 to enjoy.  I LOVE IT so much!"|

"This is on one of the most unique fragrances I've ever used.  It definitely bends the rules of fragrance with layers upon layers of grounding yet fresh and uplifting scents.  It is an absolute joy to use everyday!"


We love, you love our fragrances and we look forward to sharing our fragrance journey with you.  Discover our unisex fragrances blended in Australia here.





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