TIME TO ENJOY THE SEASON! - Melissa Allen Mood Essentials

The end of 2019 is nearly upon us and it seems like just yesterday where we were making resolutions and getting ready to ring in 2019. Somehow though, a whole calendar year has rolled out right on past us….

It’s a wonderful time of the year…share the Christmas joy with family and friends but also remember to celebrate the successes of 2019…. 

Sometimes it can be easy to get stuck on the things that didn’t go to plan…but it’s important to celebrate the good stuff…make a list of all your successes from the past 12 months….Maybe you were able to get that new job or try that coffee shop you have been talking about for years.  No matter how big or small, all successes are milestones that deserve to be celebrated!

With that in mind, treat yourself to some relaxation time over the holidays, you don’t always have to be busy…

Chill out … it might be enjoying a cocktail at the pool side or if travelling to a favourite destination,  don’t forget out travel size Mood Essentials™ fit perfectly in your suitcase or are great to take on a flight to help you with a mood boost or just to smell great!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, Enjoy and Have fun!

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