Here are some of the team letting us know what Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ products help them feel good!  From stress relief to happiness, here’s what the Gang have to say!

Nataliya Gorval – Scientist

"Everyone has had a stressful day at work or at home, and I Have Joy is the pick-me-up that gives me the boost I need to keep going. The bright citrus notes grounded by the bergamot is a thoughtful blend that gives way to an uplifting fragrance."

Joanne - Scientist

"Being a fan of traditional fragrances, I've always been dubious trying essential oil blends or natural fragrances because some can be harsh or overwhelming. The Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ fragrances are neither, they are blended well and provide that small boost everyone can appreciate. In particular, I Have Focus is my favourite, the earthy tones melts away my stress and leaves me feeling fresh for work."

Jess – Online Social Media

"I am completely blown away with Melissa's approach to her fragrances and the beauty products that have evolved into her collection. Each product is designed with its own unique fragrance derived from 100% natural essential oils, which are all amazing in their own right. This is the pure reason I love them all, however I just cant go past the I Have Calm bundle.

With busy work weeks and stressful wedding planning - I always need a little extra calm in my life. The Hand & Face Cream has been a little life saver on many occasions and has found a special place in my handbag. While the I Have Calm travel size fragrance is the perfect addition to my bed side table - I often spray some on my pillow before bed to help me get a better nights rest.

The amazing thing about the entire collection is that it is designed for everyone, for almost every occasion and as your collection grows, you too will create special moments where your Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ come to mind." 

Josh - Photographer 

"The I Have Calm Mood Essentials™ is the perfect thing to keep next to my computer at work. It really helps dial down the stress of a heavy day at work and all I do is spray a little if I'm feeling overstretched. The travel size fits subtly into my work bag too!"

Jess J - Graphic Designer

"Having worked first hand with Melissa I already knew the benefits of her products, and now I have tried them I am in love! With a sweet but not too over-powering scent, the blend of fresh aromas from the Focus fragrance is more than enough to get me going in the morning and to keep me ticking over work throughout the day. Added bonus that these are available in travel sizes, I cannot wait to take them with me on my next adventure. Thank you Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™, I am so happy I came across these beautiful products!" 

Craig aka (Hubby) - Product Tester Number 1 :-)

"So hard to pick my wife made them after all...but seriously Confidence is my favourite.  Whenever I put on the big boss, aka Mel just can’t keep her hands of me!...(sure Craig, haha :-))

Then Mel just went and brought out the I Have Calm Face & Hand cream, what a legend!

I would have to say it is definitely my favourite, I use the face cream each night and morning and especially while I am away travelling, as it’s cool, non greasy, and it just soaks in straight away and keeps my melon hydrated.

I’m not being biased, my wife and her products are just simply the best!"

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