KEEP YOUR SH*T TOGETHER AND YOUR SKIN GLOWING! Unisex Fragrances & Skincare Essentials to Keep it Together

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In today’s fast paced world, finding the perfect balance between maintaining your sanity and taking care of your skin can feel like an impossible task. 

However, below we've explored below some practical tips, that can help you achieve both, glowing skin and a calm, centered mind, to help you keep your sh*t together and your skin glowing: 

Make Self-Care Your BFF:
Let’s face it; life can be one big rollercoaster ride.  So, why not treat yourself like the VIP you are?  Embrace self-care activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Whether it’s soaking in a bubble bath or indulging in a Netflix marathon while wearing a face mask that transforms you into a fascinating mystical being, prioritise activities that you make you feel like the rockstar you truly are.

Develop a Skincare Routine That Makes You Smile:
When it comes to skincare, why not have a little fun while you’re at it?  Experiment with various skincare products and find the ones that make your skin happy.  Channel your inner beauty guru and do your skincare with exaggerated enthusiasm. 

Hydration:  Sip Your Way to Glowing Skin (and Maybe Bathroom Breaks):
Water is your skin’s best friend, and hydration is key to unlocking that sought after-glow.  Carry around a water bottle like it’s your trendy accessory, and remember to sip on it throughout the day.  But be warned, frequent bathroom breaks may occur, so embrace your inner secret agent and master the art of finding the nearest restroom wherever you go.

Get Your Beauty Sleep, Even if You Snore Like a Chainsaw:
Beauty sleep is no joke!  So, tuck yourself in like a burrito and embrace those sweet dreams.  If you happen to snore louder than a rock concert, just imagine yourself as the lead singer of a snoring symphony.  And who knows, maybe your significant other will appreciate the serenade (or invest in some earplugs).

Laughter:  The Best (And Cheapest) Beauty Treatment:
Finally, never underestimate the power of laughter.  It’s like an instant face lift without the needles.  Surround yourself with people who make you snort-laugh and watch comedy shows that have you clutching your belly.  Laughter not only helps to reduce stress but also may give your face that natural rosy glow that no blush can match.

And best of all our Mood Essentials are also here to help, whether it's helping to look after your skin or helping with a mood boost to help you feel, relaxed, calm, centred and grounded, discover here
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