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True power comes from within…. 

International Women’s Day is a true celebration of woman of what we can achieve.

And for for us here at Mood Essentials an inspiring woman is a woman who lives her life as her true self, free from definitions, limitations and the attachments to what is the generally accepted ideals and stereotypes of success.

Who is positive, strong, passionate, kind and unassuming.  Who simply lifts a person to feel good and fills someone with the desire or urge to do something worthwhile...something that helps create a better world.

A great quote we love is: “A Real Queen Fixes Each Other’s Crown.  A quote worth reminding ourselves on a regular basis. 

As we live in a competitive world but the simple truth is, woman are more powerful when we work together.  So lets’ embrace collaboration and celebrate our girl gang, below are few ideas to support our sisterhood:

  • Be there for them. Make sure you are there for your friends when they need you and celebrate their successes

  • Listen actively. Listen actively to your friends when they talk to you and try to understand from their perspective.  Be empathetic and non-judgemental
  • Lift them up. Support and encourage your friends and their goals and aspirations.  Celebrate their accomplishments and help them see their strengths

  • Be honest. Be honest with your friends, even when it’s hard.  Constructive criticism can help your friends grow and improve
  •  Find opportunities to collaborate and work together on projects or initiatives.  This can help build a sense of teamwork and support among your girl gang

  • Show up. Make an effort to show up for your friends, whether that means attending their events or helping them move.  Small gestures can make a big difference. 

These little things may seem small, but they can make a big difference in how us woman feel about ourselves and our place in society as true power comes from within.

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