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Our desire to look good funnels thousands of dollars and lots of energy into specialised diets, cosmetic work, exercise regimens and products to make the body firm up, smooth out, puff up, or slim down. 

But maybe we’re missing the point….. What if looking good is really about how you feel on the inside?

Everyone enjoys looking good and a lot of time is spent on making it happen. Yet it might be interesting to note that no matter what you do, if you aren’t feeling good, you won’t look as good as you could do.  Those who are happy and healthy will always have a certain “glow” about them, whereas when food, exercise and rest are aren’t a priority and it can be seen in the body by either puffy skin, dumpy posture and sluggish energy.

There’s no two ways about it.  Because when you feel good – it’s an experience that comes from within, you automatically start to dress well, look good, feel good, feel magnetic and be enthused to be alive.  And that rubs off on anyone that happens to come anywhere near you. 

Here are some useful tips on how to help feel better as much of the time as possible, in turn making you look better in general.  Once you have mastered this, it will help you be a happier person and people around you will certainly notice how much more attractive you have become:

Exercise isn’t something that everyone loves but when you think about how much healthier it can make you, how much happier you will feel and therefore how much better you will look if you can exercise regularly, you might start to think differently about it. 

Of course, exercise will have a significant effect on your body physically.  You will lose weight and become more toned. However, as well as this, you will also become fitter in general, helping you look great.  You will have a boost when it comes to your mental health, as exercise allows you to de-stress and relax, even if you are working hard at it. All of this combined means that exercise makes you feel good and look good too.

Wear What Makes You Happy
Society is a strange beast. It dictates what we should wear and then berates us for doing just that.  Forget about this, wear what makes you happy.  Wear what you feel comfortable in.  Most importantly, wear what you feel confident in.

If you can enjoy your clothing, your body will respond to that.  You will stand up taller you will subconsciously be showing off your outfit.  You will feel wonderful.  Whether you choose a little black dress, or a stylish suit, as long as it is what you want to wear, the change in your demeanor and how you feel about yourself will be positive.

Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ – Feel Good Fragrances!
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