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Most of us love to travel, but when we say we love to “travel” we usually mean that we like to be in cool new places, not actually endure the struggle of airports, train, cabs, planes, buses and other modes of often stressful transportation.  And when you’re afraid of flying that stress magnifies tenfold…. 

Fear of flying is quite common.  Approximately one in six people have a significant fear that prevent them flying and approximately one in five regular flyers use alcohol or prescription drugs “to help” them through a flight.

People have different concerns about flying which can include a fear of heights or enclosed places, other people have had no problems with flying to until they have experienced severe turbulence or an inflight event, leaving them apprehensive next time they fly, a typical airport experience could be:

Before the flight:“ I can’t wait to get on a plane and relax and watch some movies.  This is going to be great!”

During take off: “Why are we turning like this?  Are we rolling over!?  I don’t like this. Get me off!”

During the flight: “I can’t believe we’re flying.  Science is amazing.  I have wi-fi in the sky!!  Look at the pretty clouds!”

During turbulence: “What was that sound?  Are we supposed to turn like that?  Why is this so bumpy?!  That was a big drop!  What’s wrong?

During Landing: “Breathe, breathe, breathe.  It’s going to be O.K

After the flight:  “I love flying, Let’s do it again!”

So next time when you are flying and feeling apprehensive..... apart from finding a plane crush or ordering that cheese platter with a Bloody Mary….

Spritz our Melissa Allen Mood Essentials™ – 100% natural fragrances, infused with essential oils to help you to feel good..... whether it be, wanting to relax /unwind, calm the nerves, sleep better, feel more confident, focused or to bring a sense of delight, our Mood Essentials™ can help!  

Enjoy, also the extra benefits of our fabulous scents and our travel mood size essentials that let you take a boost of calm, confidence joy or focus wherever you go!

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