FIND YOUR SCENT, FIND YOUR MOMENT... - Melissa Allen Mood Essentials

People have been adjourning beautiful fragrances for millennia - why because they make you smell great!

But did you know a good fragrance also has the ability to make you feel great.  When you smell good, not only do you feel good but more confident and assured.

Fragrances are much more than just a smell.  Fragrances plays a huge role in how you feel and has the ability to elicit a range of emotions from feeling confident to sexy, happy, relaxed, lust and more.

You may have had moments at a bar where you bump into a guy or girl and you pick up their scent and then instantly want to get know him or her better.

...Just think when you have walked past someone who smells amazing.  Can you remember the thoughts and feelings that were evoked?

That’s because your olfactory system (aka your sense of smell) is directly connected to the limbic system, a primitive part of the brain responsible for interpreting memories and emotions.

We believe fragrance is a integral part of your wardrobe, your outfits.  Fragrances embody who we are. 

They tell others and the world who we are.  Most importantly they re-affirm who we’re to ourselves and become part of our identity.  The right scent can easily become an integral part of your outfits and your everyday routine.  So much so that you may even feel out of sorts if you forget to apply your perfect fragrance. 

The right scent and fragrance can make you feel more like yourself when you are wearing it...Feeling like yourself and feeling confident in who you are can result in a more positive and optimistic outlook.

So grab your favourite fragrance and learn how much good it can do for you, discover below: Melissa Allen Mood Essentials 


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