Who doesn't want less boundaries and more opportunities in life?... And one way to do that is with unisex fragrances.

Afterall, what defines a smell of a man?  And a smell of a woman?  What said that feminine scents should be floral and dreamy, while masculine scents should contain dark wood and tobacco scents? Marketing and Advertising campaigns have... Society tells us what to do, how to act, what to be...

Fragrances are made for people, and not only at Mood Essentials™ are we uniting the sexes rather than dividing them with our unisex range, but providing people with scents that are not defined by society...letting you find scent with a unique personal appeal that smells good and also smells like one's true self.

Designed with purpose, Mood Essentials™ render a feeling of rejuvenation and hope and breathe new life into existing attitudes and perspectives helping you to reconnect to your true self to move forward in life.

You can do much more with your life when you stay true to you.

With crisp, clean and fresh scents, experience fewer boundaries and explore more opportunities with Mood Essentials™ that represent individuality and convenience, helping you to reconnect to your true self.

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