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“Just be yourself” is a simple phrase for a very difficult task. 

Often times we have spent so much of our lives being what we thought we needed to be for a myriad of reasons that we truly don’t know who the heck we are.  

Whether it’s believing something because we were raised in such a way, saying the perfect response to acquire the job we so desperately want, behaving a certain way to maintain a relationship with a significant other or wearing a certain piece of clothing because it’s the trend of the season and want to fit in, we consciously contort ourselves to become what others would prefer us to be, or what we think others want us to be instead of being who we are meant to be 

After all, each of us is born with innate talents, skills and gifts packaged with the details of our own  physicality, family background, experience and time in history that the world has never seen the likes before.  Then why are we so willing to let this amazing phenomenon be so swiftly cast aside so that we can look like, act like and be accepted like, someone else. 

Quite simply, and I’ve been guilty of this in my past, it’s easier.  It’s easier if one is a teenager to do as the crowd does; it’s much less emotionally draining to be the yes-man at work than to stand up and speak, and it’s much less tormenting to put your head in the sand than to be uncomfortable in your own company. 

While initially stepping out on the journey of getting to know who just we are and developing the person who is discovered is difficult, the road will gradually become less treacherous and much more enjoyable.  Here are some of the benefits I have found while letting myself just be me and being the person I have found.

  1. Being able to trust yourself
  2. Let your unique talents shine
  3. Your goals are clear
  4. Your intuition is honed
  5. Waste less time worrying about what others think
  6. Being accepting of personal flaws and mistakes
  7. Realising you are worthy, just as you are
  8. Being able to make better decisions

At the end of the day life becomes easier – Because you are not pretending to be someone else or doubting who you are constantly...But as I've mentioned, being yourself all the time is easier said than done.

So don’t beat yourself up if you slip up or do something because you’ve been influenced by someone else or you just lost control of the situation

Take some time for yourself and focus on the positives.

Reset and start over.  Don’t look back.  Just focus on the present and be yourself and our unisex Mood Essentials are also here to help by being designed as functional fragrances to help you reconnect to your true self when you need it, whether it be a boost of calm and confidence, find them here

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