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It's a Sunday evening. You've changed your bedsheets, put on a fresh pair of pyjamas, and are ready for a good night's sleep ready for the new week ahead of you. Everything is set up for you to sleep soundly, but for some reason you just can't. Switch. Off.

Then you get stressed about how late it is, you continue to toss and turn, and you wake up on Monday morning feeling anything but refreshed. Why? Why does this happen?

There may be a couple of reasons:

Firstly, for many a lot of people there is disruption to our usual sleep pattern that we usually experience over a weekend.  We’ve had a lovely lie in and repaid our workweek sleep debt.

This might sound like a good thing, but it can cause issues such as lets say you woke up at 10am on Sunday and want to get a nice 9pm early night in preparation for the week ahead – that’s just 11 waking hours. Not really enough to make you flat out tired again.

But that's not the only reason so many people find it difficult to switch off on the last night of the weekend - dread for the week ahead is also a common one.

You're laying in bed ready for your early night, thinking about the ever-growing to-do list. For the last couple of days you’ve been off work, feeling relaxed and doing as you please, but you know you're about to switch into being busy and tired again during the week.

Dreading the drain of the work-week can be remarkably anxiety-provoking.  According to a survey mentioned in Forbes, 75% of respondents were unable to sleep due to a feeling of dread about returning to work on a Monday morning. 

So to help enjoy a better Sunday night sleep and help beat the Monday blues, here are 5 tips to help:

  1. Spend your Sunday morning or afternoon doing physical activities such going for leisurely walks. Adding exercise to your routine can help.

  2. Calm yourself before bedtime, many enjoy yoga, a warm shower or bath or listening to soothing music.

  3. Don’t stress out about not falling asleep. If you find yourself away longer than expected don’t stress about it.

  4. Create a bedroom sanctuary. Create a calming bedroom with things like soft music and dim lighting.

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