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Natural Essential Oils: Unisex fragrances:  Blurred Work Life Balance?

I'v been feeling suspended in a rollercoaster of emotions these days.  At one moment I feel betrayed for having plans not going ahead and the next moment I feel drowned in gratitude for all the little things I had never cherished before. I've also heard people missing their workplaces next discussion they are grateful for having the opportunity to work from home and working in the active wear.

Interestingly, in these pandemic times, it’s not just emotions and feelings which are melting and morphing into each other.  Rather, it seems like a lot of boundaries have blurred.

The borderline between work and home appears to be on top of the list.  The conversations surrounding work from home are numerous and varied.  While working from home was becoming increasing popular phenomenon, it had never been practised on such a wide scale, all across the world. 

Since the nature of “work” tends to vary, therefore it is understandable that workers’ responses to this situation too are varied. 

Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is, like it or not, we have to live through this and while we plow forward, we need to remind ourselves that we are making HISTORY and since we have been forced to shoulder this responsibility, we might as well do it with grace!

Here are some tips to help:

Create a dedicated workspace…the bed seems more tempting, but we have to curb the craving to go hibernate in the sheets.  Make your workspace your happy space so your bed, T.V or couch can’t lure you.  Adorn if you want to , or keep it minimalistic.  Whatever you choose to do through, dedicate yourself to your workspace.

Observe regular hours...This is the BOMB.  If you don’t have a set work routine, you can’t blame your for seeping into your personal life.  Observe regular work hours and get your work done.  Treat yourself later with snacks and Netflix if you must

Dress up...Taking a shower and dressing up might be the most under-rated aspect of work-life, yet it is the most important one, since it is the first step of getting into that mindset which would pave the way for productivity.  So get up, dress up and become presentable

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