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A little goes goes a long way...

Apart from only having to use a small decent amount of body wash when showering…A big benefit of using body wash is it's neatness and ease of use.  Soap can be slippery, can fall apart and can leave residue in your soap dish.

Then there is the scent...we have all signature fragrances we turn for special occasions.  But there’s nowhere scent really comes into it’s own like in the shower.  It’s also the one place we can allow ourselves to be swept up in a beautiful scent and take the time to truly enjoy it.

Scent is also one of the greatest mood enhancers there is.  Take something uplifting and fresh into the bathroom with you – like our delightful body washes that stimulate your senses as well as to help cleanse -  and marvel as it can help you feel de-stressed and soothed with I Have Calm or help feel uplifted and revived with I Have Confidence.

Showering can also perk us up in the morning while it can also make a relaxing treat as a soother shower before bed.  We love both outcomes, depending on our mood, Here’s why:

Showering in the morning
It’s a simple solution if you’re wondering for how to wake up on the morning more easily. The sensation of running water will leave you feeling refreshed, first thing.   Add in a revitalizing product like I Have Confidence to help give yourself an added energizing boost.  The uplifting citrus leaves your body feeling refreshed and revived which also moisturises the skin.

A shower before bed
Can shave precious time off your morning routine.  Sometimes mornings don’t quite go to plan.  Showering at nights gives you plenty of time so you won’t be rushed or flustered in the morning.

Showering in the morning
Will leave your face and body feeling clean and ready for the day.  We love that just washed feeling and the confidence it brings. Stepping straight out the shower and into the day will put a spring in your step.

A Shower before bed
Can help you de-stress, here how: to calm down at the end of the day, we always pick products to help us relax.  To fully unwind, make them indulgent.  I Have Calm body wash with warm its light earthy floral fragrance that also harnesses the power of lavender helps leaving you feel relaxed.

Showering in the morning
Is the perfect way to multitask.  You can cleanse, wash your hair, brush your teeth and shave (if you feel so inclined) before getting out of the shower.  I Have Calm and I Have Confidence with its moisturizing etc, leaves skin feeling clean, refreshed and moisturised in one streamlined step.

A shower before bed
Is the perfect precursor to pyjamas and crisp sheets.  After unwinding and feeling relaxed you’ll be ready for a nights sleep. I Have Calm can help get you feeling ready for bed by feeling cleansed and with it’s enveloping fragrance that harnesses the power of lavender.

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