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These 4 simple words, made famous by Oprah Winfrey, give a single instruction to follow for happiness and success. 

While the quote is priceless in its meaning and simplicity, it’s an instruction many don’t know how to follow….

The quality of your life is a large part up to you.  You can be mediocre, let each day pass without intention and before you know it, life has gone by.  Or, you can strive to be your best self and do whatever it takes to live life without regrets.

We strongly believe that everyone has the right to feel happy and good about themselves so we have listed some tips below that can help you enjoy life!

1. Set Intentions 

One of the keys to success is being intentional about what you do.  In general, when you set intentions you are more likely to do with purpose and drive. 

An easy ways to establish intentions is by writing them down every month, week or day – whichever interval might work best for you.  Simply jot down a list of whatever you want to accomplish for the next time period.  For example, “I want to write a novel” or, “I want to ocean swim 3 times a week”.  These exercises will allow you to gain a clear vision of what you want from life.

2. Visualize

Going hand-in-hand with intention-setting, visualization is beneficial practice to living your dream life. 

Once you have a clear vision of what intentions or goals you want to achieve, it is important to take action. 

Taking action can seem scary and intimidating, or even impossible. Visualization is almost like a test-run of your dream life.  It helps to further establish what you want and allow you to settle into a positive mindset.

Such as if you want to get a specific job, imagine what you will look like if given this position.

  • What kind of attire would you wear?
  • What kind of daily routine would you have?
  • What kind of car would you drive to work every day

3. Be Grateful

No matter what your situation in life is, you have things to be grateful for. If you take for granted the people and things in your life, you will always be looking for the next thing – always wanting more.  Take some time to reflect on what you do have so that you can be happy in the moment.

Even if you feel like you having nothing to be thankful for, that isn’t true.  For example, if you are reading this, that means you have access to the internet and electricity (luxuries not all of the world can’t afford).  These are things to be grateful for.

4. Have Fun

You’ve heard “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” means unremitting work without taking time for recreation is counterproductive.  Excessive work has way of stupefying, the proverb having its origin from seventeenth century England

 If you don’t take some time of from work or study, it can diminish mental capabilities and also can make one bored or boring.  It is best to get out and get some regular exercise and have some fun.  Recharging your batteries will increase your overall productivity.

5. Travel

Finances and work can easily create a barrier to travel.  However, travelling and seeing the world can contribute to feeling like you are living a fulfilled life.  There will also be an excuse to not travel, whether it be your work schedule, a tight budget, or the fear of travelling alone. 

Whether you feel like you’ve gotten stuck in a boring routine, or if you’re stressed by the tasks of daily life, travelling is away to step outside your comfort zone and it’s a reminder of how big and diverse the world can be.

Travelling doesn’t’ have to require spending thousands of dollars on a month-long trip to Europe.  It can be as simple as taking a road trip to a nearby city or camping for a weekend.

6. Be Kind

Everyone is affected by an act of kindness.  Kindness is contagious and you never know just how big an impact a small gesture of kindness can have.

Kindness improves our quality of life in the workplace as well as in the community. It brings people together.  Doing good for others feels good. Showing kindness is just as rewarding as receiving it from someone else.

Laugh throughout the day. Spreading joy is it’s own act of kindness.

Remember also to treat yourself kindly…When your inner voice gets critical, you start hating yourself.  You feel you are not worthy of anything good and it kills your self-confidence to actually make an attempt to do something good.  You need to learn to emphathize with yourself. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend or a loved one when in need.  Be gentle and give yourself the encouragement to celebrate the good times.

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