Natural Essentials Oils: Unisex Fragrances

Ever pictured “morning people” as those irritatingly chipper, yoga-at-sunrise-just-for-fun, birds-help-you-get-dressed-in-the-morning type of people. While you would rather hit the snooze button and slide back under the covers when you feel the crisp air and jarring alarm noise….

To preface, there is absolutely nothing wrong with honouring your night owl tendencies — there are studies that show the benefits of this, too... But unless you have a cool job like an entertainer on a cruise or a night-shift security guard (Night at the Museum style)....I'm guessing your daily routine more than likely will require you to the be the most alert between 9am and 5pm.  

Therefore being a morning person, can help play an integral part in your ability to concentrate, have faster reaction times, be more agreeable. Research has found early risers are happier, they're more optimistic and feel more in control of their lives. 

So here are nine ways you (yes, you!) can become a morning person without having to fake it.

Give yourself something to get excited about.
Whether it's a warm, beverage, a great breakfast, or a morning playlist you can't help but dance to, or sitting outside with your beloved pet for a few minutes, a little morning incentive can help get you going. "If you really enjoy your morning shower, then remind yourself how good you'll feel when the water is hitting your face and back.

Exercise in the morning
You are more likely to get busy and find excuses to not work out in the evening.  Plus, a morning workout will help give you that extra energy to get you through the day ahead.

Brighten the room 
Since your brain is sensitive to light, inviting light is one of the best ways to help your body to know when it's time to wake up.  Try placing your bed next to a window or get an alarm clock that mimics a natural sunrise to wake you up in a gradual way.

Gradually shift your bedtime earlier 
Once you have adopted a regular sleep schedule, start shifting your bedtime earlier, using increments of 15 minutes.  At the same time, adjust your alarms to wake up 15 minutes earlier.  Make the change gradually, taking at least a few days in between each new shift.

Get a good night's sleep.
When it comes to waking up early, you have to start the night before by getting enough shut-eye.  It's not just the amount of time you spend in bed, though the quality of the sleep you're getting.  Getting your body primed for relaxation may mean some self care tactics before bedtime.

That's where our a Touch of Bliss pack which includes which includes our mood enhancing scent designed with natural essential oils along with some other Mood Essentials™ to help to relax/unwind and help to have good night sleep.  Discover our Touch of Bliss Pack here


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