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Too excited about finally arriving to your destination, or is it those time zones, jet lag and beds’s that aren’t your own, that are stopping you enjoy a good night’s sleep?

Below are 5 simple tips to help you combat the dreaded travel insomnia:

Bring a pillow from home
Bringing a pillow or pillowcase from home can provide you with that sense of familiarity that you will help you drift off – making you feel like, despite being miles away from home, you’re still sleeping in your own bed.  

Take control with white noise apps, earplugs and masks
One stressor when sleeping in places away from home is the fact that we don’t have the control we have at home.  And an obvious few but worth mentioning is ear plugs and an eye mask ,if you require absolute silence and pitch black darkness while you sleep.  A white noise machine (such as a fan) may also do the trick, but if a fan isn’t feasible, download a white noise app on your phone.

Establish a clear routine
Travelling can throw your entire routine out of wack. Try and introduce an adapted version of the same pre-bedtime routine that you do at home – be it watching Netflix for 2 hours and falling asleep mid episode, listening to a sleep playlist, or following your six-step face care system complete with face massage. A regulated sleep pattern will help you sleep more soundly.

Pamper yourself
Traveling can take a lot out of you. Whether you had to deal with the hassle of a delayed flight or lost luggage, that stress can keep you from enjoying a pleasant night's sleep. Get rid of that tension by taking time to pamper yourself. Depending on the options offered at or near your hotel, schedule a massage or indulge in a spa package to help you get the zzz's you need to make the most of your trip. Even if you're traveling for work, finding time for yourself will likely make you more productive when it's time for meetings. 

Bring a sleep spray
If you struggle to wind down on your travels, a sleep spray could be an easy solution. All it takes is a spritz of the lavender scented sprays on your pillow and to help you feel relaxed. 

You can even buy travel size sleep sprays for shorter journeys.

Upgrade your sleep with our I Have Calm pillow mist spray that is blended in Australia, infused with natural essential oils including lavender that can be discovered here

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