5 Smart Packing Hacks for the Holidays with Travel Size Unisex Body Mists

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Counting down the days for that end of year break to get away but hate to pack?  You aren’t the only one!

Do you also think for days what to take with you on your holiday but still don’t really decide?  So then you end up with a bulky bag, yet still half of the stuff you wanted to take with you is lying on your bed?  So what to do now….?

To lighten the burden you might be having, I’m sharing 5 hacks to help pack smarter, which will hopefully help you pack faster and more efficiently:

# 1 – Create A Packing List
There are something you’ll only be able to pack on a day of a trip.  Toothbrush, comb and cosmetics are a perfect example.  These are also the things I usually forget to bring with me.  That’s why I started making a last-minute-things list with things I have to put in my bag on the morning of the trip.

# 2 – Pack Light!
If I could give you only one piece of advice for when it comes to travel packing it would be to pack light.  If often happens you don’t wear half of the clothes you brought with you. Or that you don’t wear those fancy shoes at all.

Pick a back pack or a smaller suitcase, you’re going to take with you and make it a measurement for how many things you’re going to pack.

# 3 – Choose The Right Type of Luggage
That’s leading to my next point.  Pick the right kind of luggage for your trip.  I love to take a carry on with travelling on a plane and a firm suitcase that is either checked in or for travelling in a car but you don’t want your luggage and carry on bag to use up much of the weight allowance.  So a tip when buying a suitcase or a carry on, pay attention to it’s weight.

You’ll feel any extra kilo of the luggage when travelling.  So, why not save some of the weight on the bag itself?

# 4 – Don’t Pack What You Can Buy
Unless you’re heading to a super remote holiday location, there’s little point carting around things that can easily be purchased at your destination, especially if they’re non-essential.  It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be anywhere without access to food, extra nappies, or even games and activities for the kids (every town has a newsagent with puzzle mags for the kids, right?).

#5 – Keep Your Liquids Separated And Don’t Bring Full Size Toiletry Bottles

It’s always good to pack your toiletries in a waterproof toiletry bag – this way you’ll protect your clothes in it from leaks and spills.   

I’ve also started to avoid carrying full size- perfume or face cream, gels, instead using minis or travel sizes they are the perfect size for travelling!  That’s where our travel size unisex Mood Essentials can help come in extra handy!

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Happy Travels!

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