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Chances are you'll be gifting someone a fragrance or receiving one yourself this holiday season.  So it's well worth knowing how to get the most out of that precious bottle of scent, as isn't it magical to enter a room, the smell of sandalwood, or jasmine, or bergamot announcing your arrival?

Which, we'll admit, is a little difficult to accomplish if your perfume wears off after only a couple of hours. It's a common gripe with clean fragrances. These often don't have the same longevity as traditional products, as they tend to skip a lot of the preservatives and stabilizers that help the potion last longer—both on the skin and on the shelf. 

It's a small price but, still, a bummer nonetheless. However! A few handy tricks can help your fragrance last longer:

1. Apply strategically
The best place to apply fragrance is at the pulse points, including the neck and wrist.  The pulse points are known to produce heat and this is the factor that helps make the fragrance project from your skin.

2. Store it right
Like the Goldilocks of the beauty world, fragrance can not be stored anywhere too hot, or too sunny, it needs to be just right.  Store them in a cool, shady spot to ensure they last long as possible.  The sun can cause the fragrance to degrade altering the scent and also in some cases, the colour of the liquid.

3. Moisturise first and layer up
Did you know that fragrance doesn't last as long on dry skin?  Instead, try spritzing it over a light of body lotion.  While moisturisers help keep your skin and supple, they also give the fragrance oils something to grasp onto that your scent lasts longer.

Layer up: If you have a scented body oil / and or lotion, layering it under your fragrance and enhance the fragrance and keep your skin hydrated which inherently make both aromas last longer.

4. Study up on common perfume terms
Here's a rundown on a few fragrance terms, so you know what you're signing up for before you buy a new fragrance:

Top notes: The first scent you smell after spraying the perfume, which fades quickly
Middle/heart notes: The scent that develops after the top note fades
Base note: The heaviest scent that lingers the longest

Here's another takeaway for you.  Remember: Everyone can undoubtedly smell your fragrance, even if you can't!  You can usually only smell it when it's first applied because your nose becomes accustomed to the fragrance you're wearing; however, others can enjoy the scent's lasting effect throughout the day.

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