Do you every catch yourself making excuses when things don’t entirely go your way?

Have you ever tried to explain why you didn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t do something? 

New opportunities lie hidden around every corner.  However, you will never find them if you riddle your mind with unending excuses.

Excuses come in many forms, and we tend to make them in a multitude of ways…

I’m definitely guilty of making excuses all through my life but as I grow wiser, I’ve learnt excuses really don’t get you anywhere…. 

And while the world is embracing “empowerment” more than ever, not to mention International Woman’s Day is just around the corner, below are 5 BS excuses that are commonly used with ideas to manage them to help you live your best life:  

Excuse # 1: I’m Just Too Old Or Too Young…

When you make this excuse, it highlights a lack of understanding, confidence or perspective.

Men and woman of all ages have achieved incredible things in almost every age bracket. Therefore, you’re never truly too old or too young to attain your goals and objectives.

Yes, it might be a little more difficult at times.  However, that’s where persistence and creativity come into play.  You may need to persist for longer and challenge yourself to think outside the box.  That’s where you’ll get your edge.

Alternatively, your age could actually work in your favor.  It just depends on your perspective and your ability to adapt to your circumstances.

 Excuse # 2:  I Don’t Know How…..

When you make this excuse, it highlights a lack self-belief and confidence in your ability to achieve your goal.

Ask yourself have you really taken the time to practice, to learn, or to gain the experience or education necessary to understand that’s required to get the job done.

This excuse is really every easy to combat.  Simply learn how to do what you want to do by reading books, by gaining practical experience, by asking for help etc.

Excuse # 3:  What Other People Will Say about Me?

I think, this excuse is an annoying one.  Live your life and forget about other people’s opinion. 

In any case, people will comment either positively or negatively.  It’s almost impossible to be approved and loved by everyone because there are always lovers and haters.  Believe in yourself and realise you don’t need the approval of others. Just follow your dreams and let this excuse go.

Excuse # 4: I’m afraid to fail….

When you make this excuse, it again highlights lack understanding, confidence, knowledge and experience.

Anthony Robbins once said that fear is nothing more than “False evidence appearing real”.  It’s our perspective of fear that frightens us and prevents us from moving forward However, once we gain knowledge and understanding about the thing we fear, then in that moment we build the confidence we need to move forward and gain  some valuable experience.

Subsequently, with enough experience under our belt, we develop not only self- confidence but also competence that can help propel us through our fears far more quickly and readily.  It’s important to persist, and resist the temptation to give into you’re your excuses.

Excuse # 5: I Don’t Have Enough

Many people tend to complain about lack of time, money and opportunities to be happy. If you only concentrate on your problems, you will never succeed in anything.  Rich and successful people always think positively and don’t fear to start new things and projects, because they are sure that they have more than enough time, knowledge and resources to live and develop.

Not having enough time is one of the most common excuses used by people to talk themselves out of taking action.

Think about it, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah and Elon Musk all have the same 24 hours in a day as you do.  It’s rarely about not having enough time  - but it’s almost about making and protecting time.


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