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Natural Essential Oils: Unisex Fragrances

What do you prefer using – a soap or a body wash? 

Don't you agree that every time we step out of the shower, we want our skin to be squeaky clean and feel fresh.  Now the biggest question arrives, which among the bar soap and body wash would work best for you?

Surely, both of them have their own benefits and disadvantages but here, we we'll be talking about the benefits of using a body wash apart from their divine fragrances they offer: 

Helps in hydration
Many people complain that using bar soap leaves their body feeling dry and rough.  That’s not the case with body washes, as most body washes come with with moisturising properties, providing nourishment which helps the skin to feel soft and supple.

Lathers up nicely
For all those who love lather during the shower, the body wash can be their perfect partner.  Unlike other skin cleaning products, body wash provides great lather, so you can relish a relaxing bathing experience.  

Body wash promotes better hygiene:
Body washes are nicely packed in bottles and come in liquid form.  The portion  used by an individual can’t be used by someone else.  Both qualities make body washes a hygienic alternative than others.

A little goes a long way
A few drops of body wash can do the whole cleaning.  You don’t need to squeeze the entire bottle in a single go.  As body washes lather up nicely, in little quantity they can undertake entire cleaning.  A small quantity of the product can go a long way and still give you a rich lather.  So, you also end up saving money.

Refreshing experience
Some people like living in the moment and creating an optimistic vibe. Subsequently, that is what life is all about! Some people totally pamper in the bathing experience with no regrets. A body wash is especially suggested for those who adore taking joy in their bathing experience.

The aroma of the body wash can be a mood changer for the day. 

So what are you waiting for? Discover our delightfully scented Mood Essentials body washes that are blended in Australia and infused with natural essential oils, to help cleanse and moisturise:  I Have Calm and I Have Confidence body washes

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