I Have Joy Mood Essentials™ (50ml)



When you want to put a bounce back in your step and a smile on your dial, spritz some I Have Joy!

An all 100% natural alternative fragrance to perfume and cologne that smells great and also helps you feel great.

The you’ve got an extra spring in your step you charm everyone with a broad smile.  And you may even indulge in the odd bit of spontaneous singing.  In perfume terms, all this translates into citrus....

The oils derived from the likes of oranges and grapefruit have been know to lift spirits and make even the greyest day seem a bit brighter.

A happy and fresh fragrance, I Have Joy is a cheerful blend of 20 natural essential oils including grapefruit, orange, howood and bergamot bringing a sense of happiness and delight into your day, which encourages good life decisions, bolsters wonderful relationships and opens the doors to great opportunities.

Fill your life with Joy and be happy!

Wear as a perfume or cologne.

* 100 Natural

* Cruelty free - Not tested on animals

* Free shipping in Australia

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