Why Is Confidence Important In Life?

Why Is Confidence Important In Life?




1. Greater self worth: the more self confidence you have, the more valuable you feel, this is what creates the effect of naturally holding your head up high, since you have higher self esteem, the more proud of who you are.

2. More happiness and enjoyment: for all the reasons above, the more self confident you are, the happier you are with yourself as a result, the more you always enjoy life.

3. Freedom of self doubt: the more self confident you become, the more free you become of the mental torture of doubting yourself and questioning whether you're "really" valuable or capable of achieving things you want to achieve.

4. Greater strength and capabilities: the more self confident you are, the stronger and more powerful you feel, you also naturally grow stronger and more confident when encountering challenges, rather than feeling weakened, crippled and defeated by them.

5. Freedom from fear and anxiety: the more self confidence you become, the more you become you know that you can accept, handle, learn, gain and benefit from any situation, circumstance or outcome, in this way you naturally replace fear and anxiety with greater confidence in yourself and your abilities.

6. Freedom from social anxiety: the more secure you feel in your self worth, regardless of how others see you, the less concerned you are with what others might or might not think of you in social situations.

7. More peace of mind and less stress: freedom from self doubt and anxiety naturally translates into greater peace of mind and a more stress-free life.

8. More energy and motivation to act:  the more confident you are that you can achieve things you want to achieve (like personal goals or dreams) the more motivated and energised you are to take action and achieve them.

9. More beneficial and enjoyable interactions with others: the happier and more confident you are, the more relaxed, comfortable and at ease you are, and this naturally put others at ease more around you, also with these qualities, others tend to trust, respect, value, welcome and cooperate with you more, the overall result is better and more enjoyable social interactions.

10. Better sleep & health: less fear and anxiety + less stress + more peace of mind + more happiness = you enjoying the health benefits of being more self confident, including better quality of sleep.

11. Greater success: in case its ever been a mystery to you why self confident people are naturally more successful, now you can clearly understand why there is a such a high correlation between self confidence and success, each of the above helps you achieve things you want to achieve faster and easier, which means you enjoy more success in life.



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