Who needs another habit to worry about? You barely have enough hours in the day to fit everything in, let alone trying to exercise a couple times a week and sleep 7 hours instead of 5…why add trying to be happier to your to-do list? Well, here are 10 benefits of being happy that prove the effort is truly worthwhile.

10. Positive Approach
A positive approach generates positive energy and stirs up endorphins inside the body that are important for the wellbeing of a person.  A person with an upbeat approach and smile on their face is always a pleasure to be around.

9. Popularity
A happy person always brings a feeling of calm and composure with them.  They are extremely popular in their group of friends and attracts enormous attention.  More people are inclined towards such personalities. 

8. Successful work life
It has been observed that a person with a joyful approach towards their work life possesses greater chances of getting promoted and earns more money.  A happy person is better able to deal with clients and also keep them in high spirits, enhancing the chances of cracking business deals.

7. Friendships
A happy person generates positive vibes around them.  The level of appreciation they earn is unmatched.  Who would like to befriend a person with skills to keep you happy in their company?

6. Better Social Life
Man is a social animal.  And a booming social life adds new dimensions to their routine.  To add spice, into a mundane social life, one should start indulging in activities that make him happy.  Interaction between people is possible only when they find themselves to be comfortable in each other’s presence. 

5. Satisfaction
Life is full of challenges ,the best way to achieve satisfaction and a feeling of total contentment is to adopt the mantra of happiness in life.  A happy mental state helps boost the body to release the “hormones of eupohoria”.  They further boost your happiness and make you feel better about yourself.

4. Look Young and Feel Younger
Who would not like to look young and fresh in the fashion conscious world of today? A young and refreshing look can steal many glances from the crowd and provide a feeling of satisfaction.  Being happy is the surest key to keeping the mind & body healthy.  A person who remains healthy & calm from inside radiates on the outside.

3. Productive
Positive thoughts result in positive actions & positive actions, in turn, enhance our productivity. Since happier people are also more active and optimistic they are always willing to make that extra effort to achieve their goals.

2. Better Family Life
At home your spouse or partner would reciprocate more love if you greet them with a smile everyday early in the morning.  It is the best way to have a happy family life.  It helps all members of a family.  What else is as important as happy family life.

1. Stress Buster
A merry approach towards life eliminates fear, anxiety and stress.  People with a joyful approach are like blooming roses in a garden that cheers up the mood of people passing by.  A person with positive intent toward life can act as a stress buster to others and trim down the levels of strain in the lives of all people around.  Happiness is contagious and happy person attracts the best people and most beautiful things in life


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