Tips To Boost Confidence!

Tips To Boost Confidence!

We all experience occasional bouts of self doubt, even the most successful, charismatic, confident among us have their moments of insecurity.

Our confidence plays an important role in the ability to achieve success and happiness.  It affects our mental thought patterns, the way we speak, the way we act and the decisions we make in all areas of our lives - careers, money, relationships.

Confident people take more action, perform better and are more likely to attain their goals.

Lucky for us, confidence can be built and strengthened until it becomes natural, just as any other habit.  It simply takes a little time, some effort and a bit of attention:

1.Track your accomplishments: Keep a list of successes, big and small.  It will help you to see your abilities in a more positive (and realistic) light.

2. Don’t compare: Stop measuring yourself against others.  What you see isn’t always real.  Making comparisons is a damaging and an inaccurate measure of success.

3.Dress for confidence: How dress affects both how we feel about ourselves and the way others perceive us.

4.Work on your posture: People with lower confidence often ten to have poor posture.  Stand up sit up and keep your head up - It’s an instant confident booster.

5.Learn: The more knowledge you acquire, the more confident you will be.  Knowledge is power and the more powerful you feel, the higher your confidence will be.

6.Fitness: Better physical condition gives you more body confidence and as a bonus the extra endorphins gives you an added energy boost.

7.Be around confident people: Cultivate relationships with “can-do” people, attitude is contagious.

8. Be your own friend: When you hear that voice in your head, abusing, attacking and belittling you, remind yourself that a friend wouldn’t talk to you in that manner.

9. Rely on your own instincts When you trust your own intuition and listen to those gut feelings, you will become more confident in the knowledge that you do know what’s right for you.

10. Melissa Allen Mood Essentials - I Have Confidence: Allowing you to stand tall and walk proud, Confidence is infused with 100% Natural Essential oil blend of grapefruit, rosewood, mandarin and bergamot.

Blended together these oils boost self esteem, mental strength & clarity creating a a positive mindset.


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