SMELL GREAT AND FEEL GREAT! The Power of Natural Fragrances

SMELL GREAT AND FEEL GREAT! The Power of Natural Fragrances

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Ok it is obvious that when you apply your favourite scent in the morning before you go to work you will have the benefit of smelling better than what you did without it.

But there are some more benefits to wearing fragrances than just smelling great…if this comes as a shock to you then I am pleased to be the one to let you know what some of the benefits are….

Feeling a Bit Blue?
Fragrances boost mood. So next time you feel a bit blue, spritz some of I Have Calm and enjoy it’s aromatherapy benefits, helping to relieve stress and ease your mind.  Consequently, you’ll become more productive regardless of whether you’re working on an important company campaign or spring cleaning your home

Boost Your Confidence
According to a study, 90 per cent of women surveyed (ranging from teenagers and up!) said they feel more confident when wearing a fragrance compared to when they aren’t …that’s because our your olfactory system (aka) your sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system, a primitive part of the brand responsible for interpreting memories and emotions.

When you smell good, you feel good about yourself and ultimately have the confidence to do anything.  You get that inner power that puts you in control and helps you tackle any task, difficult or simple.  Therefore when hesitation kicks in, spray on some I Have Confidence and  conquer the day!

Increase Attraction
Both men and women mostly rely on their senses for vision, smell and touch when it comes to understanding the world around us.  This is particularly true when it comes to choosing a partner. People are above all, attracted to what they see – physical appearance, but also the energy another person radiates and the way he / she smells.  Fragrances help awaken senses for sensuality and sexual attraction.

Do you remember any situation when you got attracted to someone just because of their fragrance?  Wearing a nice fragrance is a great option to attract someone by creating an impact on their sense of smell, so why not spritz some  Australian made, mood enhancing scents .....Discover here

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