Natural Is Better!

Natural Is Better!

Ever wondered why you have a sneezing fit when you spray on your favourite fragrance, or why some people’s perfume gives you a headache?.......... Synthetic smells derived from petrochemicals can cause things like migraines etc

At the end of the day, allergic or not we can all benefit from natural fragrances and the ingredients used in their blends.

Check out the below benefits of natural fragrances:

1. Using natural essential oils rather than synthetic to create fragrances brings emotional and physical healing such as calming, energy enhancing, relaxing and mood lifting.

2. Natural perfumes do not contain ingredients with chemicals, pesticides or toxins which can cause skin sensitivity and environmental damage.

3. Synthetic smells derived from petrochemicals can cause migraines and nausea.

4. Unlike perfumes which contain synthetic products, natural perfumes are not tested on animals.

5.Mixing two synthetic perfumes can smell very unpleasant, whereas natural fragrances made from Essential oils can be worn separately or layered to create different scents depending on your mood.

And apart from the benefits listed above, the fact that plants are grown, harvested and distilled with the most common methods releasing no more than steam into the air - no chemicals are released, Natural is definitely better, letting us breathe easy!


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