Natural Essential Oils: Unisex fragrances 

Simplicity is among the key elements that define unisex fragrances. This means that the scents do not conform to the stereotypical overwhelming male wooden and female floral scents. Instead, unisex fragrances aim to balance masculine and feminine scents. They shatter conventional norms and dare to feature fresh, crisp, clean notes that highlight individualism instead of mass appeal. This is crucial because nowadays people more than ever wish to express their personalities through their choice of fragrance. Moreover, unisex fragrances can often be worn through all seasons without going out of style, unlike conventional fragrances.

Now more than ever we are wearing fragrances for ourselves and how we are feeling, not for other people.

This no-limits approach means that not only do we have the freedom to diversify our scents, but we can also have more fun with our morning spritz. “I share several scents with my husband, and it’s so interesting to see how different they can smell on him.”

Unisex fragrances have various qualities that make these different from when you purchase the men’s range or woman’s range. 

Here are some of the qualities that might even change your mind, 

Most people who want to smell great often looks for something different from others are wearing.  They prefer to keep the aroma unique by using various methods such as layering and using essential oils.  Since it is free form all kinds of gender boundaries, the perfumers have more opportunity to work creatively and come up with something unique which you have never tried.  

Since the ages, people were told, this is form and this is for woman.  If anyone wishes to try something otherwise, they are ridiculed for having free will.  But with the change in the fragrance industry.  The balance between men and woman scents meets right in the middle with unisex scents.   These fragrances are far from being unconventional.  The brands are not telling that the aroma is feminine or masculine, it is just pure aroma and you have to decide if this is meant for you or not.

When brands stop categorizing a product, directing a gender about which one is for whom, people prefer to choose something with their emotions.  If someone will not tell you that pink is for girls and blue is for boys, you might choose otherwise.  Similarly, instead smell various perfumes and choose something you love on your skin whether it is women or men perfume. This is where unisex perfumes are coming into play. With unisex scents you. have the freedom to explore fragrances with a new mindset, discovering new blends of aroma.

There is nothing best than a scented fluid sharable with your loved one.  There is more room on the dressing table. You get to save some precious pennies by buying a single bottle for use by two.  There is no chance of forgetting your scent while traveling. 

If your partner uses the best shaving razors or weirdly good-tasting toothpaste, you may already sneak some of their grooming products. So if you’re looking for more products to share (or to steal when no one is looking), these unisex fragrances are a great start.

If you love a scent and can relate to it, you should wear it.  If it makes you walk tall and feel sexier, go for it.  A scent that describes you is worthy of you.  Take a step towards our unisex fragrances and give them a try.  You might find your new favourite scent.  Try our Mood Essentials™ fragrances here 


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