How Essential Oils Support Physical and Emotional Well-Being

How Essential Oils Support Physical and Emotional Well-Being


Your sense of smell is your most primal sense and exerts surprising influence over your thoughts, emotions, moods, memories and behaviours.  Scents are experienced long before words.

This is why it's nearly impossible to describe them with language.  Olfaction is different from your senses, processed through different pathways in your brain.

For other sensations, such as sounds and visual images, sensory input is delivered straight to your thalamus, which you can think of as "the big switchboard" in your head.  From there, data goes out to your primary sensory cortices.

But smells are different.  Before reaching your thalamus, they first wind their way through other regions of your brain including areas controlling memory and emotion.  So with scents, you have all this extra processing even before you have conscious awareness of the scent.

For this reason, scents can have a powerful influence over how you think, feel and behave.  Aromatherapy allows you to harness the olfactory power of plants for healing, or simply to enhance your state of well being.

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