8 Life Changing Benefits of Joy (and how to enjoy life more)

8 Life Changing Benefits of Joy (and how to enjoy life more)

I love the word Joy – more importantly I love the concept of it. It's just so....joyful! Don't you think?

Taking the time to feel joy is the best way to live a more inspired, happy life each day. It's true!

So how do you focus on joy when everything around you seems to be less than joyful. Perhaps this has never felt more pertinent than right now, at the end of 2020.

Well firstly you make a decision to focus on it…  I know your life is busy and you may not feel like there’s time to do another task into your already busy schedule.  However, at the end of the day when you make a choice to focus on the joyful moments in your life, you will start to see a shift in your energy, your focus, your clarity of thought.

Below are 8 reasons to add Joy to your life: 

  1. Happy People Are More Successful You might be thinking that success makes you happy but as reported numerous studies show that happy individuals are successful across multiple life domains, including marriage, friendship, income, work performance and health. Happiness leads to success.
  1. Joy Is Healthy You already know that exercise has countless benefits to your health. So where does happiness come in… Research shows that when you’re happy, you’re most likely to practice good habits like exercising more and eating healthily, which results in greater health & wellbeing.

    Also a merry approach towards life eliminates fear, anxiety and stress.  People with a joyful approach are like blooming roses in a garden that cheers up the mood of every passerby.  A person with a positive intent toward life can act as a stress buster to others and trim down the level of strain in the lives of all people around.  Happiness is contagious and a happy person attracts the best people and most beautiful things in life. 
  1. Joy Is Productive Positive thoughts result in positive actions and positive actions in return enhance our productivity.

    A calm person is always more productive than others.  It demands nothing to invest in a smile.  Since happier people are also more attractive and optimistic, they are always willing to make that extra effort to achieve their goals.

  2. Joy Attracts Money Money follows joy.  Joy does not follow money.  

    When you enjoy life are feeling good, your emotional frequency rises.  The frequency is responsible for what you perceive.  When you enjoy life more, your life will change to the better.  What you do will work out, what you need to achieve your goals will come into your life.  It will be easier to achieve your goals.  

    There are people, who are unhappy that they are not able to fulfil their wishes.  Others are happy and all they wish seems to fly towards them.  The difference is the happiness factor.  When you have a positive attitude and you are happy without a special reason, things happen which make you happier.

  3.  Look Young And Feel Younger Who would not like to look young and fresh in the fashion conscious world of today.  A young and refreshing look can steal many glances from the crowd and provide a feeling of satisfaction.  Being happy is the surest key to keeping the mind and body healthy.  A person who remains healthy and calm from inside remains young.

  4.  Successful Work Life – In the busy world of today, where cut throat competition rules the roost a happy person is not less than an angel to his / her co-workers. It has been observed that a person with a joyful approach toward his / her worklife possesses greater chances of getting promoted and earns more money.  A happy person is better able to deal with clients and also keep them in high spirits, enhancing the chances of cracking business deals.

  5.  Joy Feels Good - This may seem quite obvious, but some things can seem so obvious that they need to be said.   You feel complete and fullfilled and successful.  Any Joy can get you there.

  6. Joy Makes You Laugh More Laughter that is deep belly laughing is really good for your body as it creates a massage effect which is really beneficial, and endorphins are released into your bloodstream.  These are the body’s natural pain relief and stress relief.  Your body is wired for joy, and when you feel better good things show up easier in your life.

Its so easy in our busy, crazy chaotic lives to feel upset and worried, overwhelmed and exhausted, heavy and weary. 

But what I’ve noticed is that if you focus on joy, it is much less likely to feel upset or worried, weary or exhausted. This isn't because you are blind to life's challenges but because you have a mindset that can handle them.

Here's to finding joy in the everyday!

Melissa x




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