Enjoy Life By Having Fun!

Enjoy Life By Having Fun!

Fun is not a word we hear celebrated a lot or if we do it’s not that really that much “fun” at all.

It’s the “fun” team-building activities we do at a corporate event or the “fun” we have to have at a holiday party with people we don’t really know.

It’s obligatory fun or an illusion of fun. 

As research Professor Brene Brown PhD writes in her best selling book The Gifts of Imperfection, a critically important component of wholehearted living is play…. Play is as essential to our health and functioning as rest (but) spending time doing purposeless activities is rare.  In fact for many of us it sounds like an anxiety attack waiting to happen.

I am often surprised by how quickly some people reject the idea of fun. They see fun as trivial, unworthy, dispreptuble….maybe they will have fun someday, they tell me but not until they have made a huge fortune or a scientific breakthrough or an artistic masterpiece.  What they don’t realise is that people who achieve such things are the ones who have fun doing them.  Having fun is not a diversion from a successful life it is the pathway to it.

Play is a banquet for the brain, a smorgasboard for the senses, providing nourishment for the body and spirt: sad then that as a society we seem to be starving ourselves of it.

It seems obvious to me that we are most productive, persistent, creative and flexible when we are engaged in precisely the combination of activities that brings us maximum fun.

So why do some of us put off the most creative, fantastic, mood-enhancing things in our lives?  Is it really so difficult just to have a good time??

I get that you are busy and I am not saying you shouldn’t be productive or miss your deadlines for the sake of fun.  But try some of these random fun ideas, they take very little of your time and or money.  And you never know, it might just  totally change your day of even your month:

Try a new work out  - ditch the Tuesday night indoor cycling class that you attend religiously and sample a new dance class

Phone a friend - Call a positive friend to re-live a funny memory.

Take a walk -  Just up, start walking, end somewhere new.  Walk without a distraction, be alert and open and you might find something you have never seen before.

Just dance -  Dance in your own living room.  Put on your favourite Spotify playlist and just shimmy around for a few minutes.  Busting a move has been shown to give you a huge boost in mood and even help relieve anxiety and depression.

Do something creative -  Without a goal in mind, paint something, sing loudly as you make your coffee, flip open a cookbook and cook whatever appear on the page you land on.

There are a million things you can do that are harmless and fun.  Having fun is up to you, it’s free, healthy and important.

What are we all on this planet for if not to enjoy the ride! xx

Why you should make fun a priority in life - Susie Moore


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