Colour Personality

Colour Personality


Like fragrances, colour has a relationship with our moods….this can be see if you think of the way we describe certain emotions such as……seeing red……feeling blue….green with envy.

Other things such as slipping on a little black dress helps you feel chic and sexy and wearing a red tie is known to be the power tie…..There’s no denying that colour and mood are inextricably linked.

Fragrances and colour both fun and cool ways to tap into the help boost your mood.

Science has long recognised that colour affects our behaviour and the way we feel.

After all it’s the first thing we register and that we use to help assess the things around us, such as whether certain foods , such as blue ones might be poisonous, for example.

To understand these responses we need to look at how colour works.  Essentially, when the light reflected from coloured objects strikes the retinas in our eyes, the wavelengths are converted into electrical impulses.  These pass into the part of the brain that rule our hormones and endocrine system, which are instrumental in regulating our moods.  Unconsciously then our eyes and bodies constantly adapt to those stimuli, influencing our impulses and perceptions. 

To apply colour psychology successfully, leading UK Colour Psychologist, Angela Wright recognised the need to match individual’s personality with the appropriate tonal colour family.

There are four of these, each reflecting nature’s patterns and every shade can be categorised into one of them.  Once we have made this connection, she says we can create colour combinations that will help turn our homes into spaces that reflect and support the personalities of those living there.  Even if very different characters live together in one house, the right colour palette can ease tensions and help create harmony.

The four personality types and their tonal families

Spring Personality type:  These people are spirited, energetic, motivated, charming and externally young.  They are never dark or heavy and usually work in people professions, such as the media, entertainment  or care giving.  They have a natural affinity for the young and love the outdoors,  are clever, but not interested in heavy academic debate.  On the downside, they can be single minded, do too many things at once and be superficial.

Matching colours:  Warm, clear colours, sometimes bright.  They need stimulus as well as ease, so their ideal palette will include soft cream, peach or turquoise as well as brighter scarlets cobalt or sky blues and emerald greens and pure yellows.  Supporting neutral colours include light caramel, French navy and light warm greys.

Summer personality type: Cool, calm, collected, gentle and internally motivated.  Their humour is subtle and they loather vulgarity.  They enjoy creating order out of chaos and keeping peace, have a great sense of touch and often have analytical nature.  They make good diplomats, artists, musicians and doctors.  On the flipside, they can seem aloof and unfriendly.

Matching colours:  Cool and subtle.  Sometimes dark but never heavy, such as maroon, raspberry, rose, pink, grapefruit and sage green.  Good neutrals to support them include taupe, dove grey and cool navy.

Autumn personality type: Personality type, like Summer people, they are externally motivated, but are fiery, intense, strong and possibly flamboyant.  They have a rigorous sense of justice and environmental awareness.  Careers include ones that dig beneath the surface, such as police officers, psychistrists and investigative journalists.  Physical comfort is a must which is why they can’t stand flimsy furniture.

Matching colours:  The preferred colour palette is off-beat and devoid of pure primary colours.  Examples include tomato, burnt orange, olive green, terracotta and aubergine.  Supportive neutrals are most shades of brown.


Winter personality type: Most Winter personalities are internally motivated, objective, super efficient confident and abhor clutter.  They often pursue careers in govt, finance, film or theatre or the medical professions.  On the negative side, they can appear elitists, cold and uncaring.

Matching colours:  In winter, natural colour are far and few between, hence the Winter personality will often wear black all winter and white all summer.  The thing is that they can actually pull it off.  Colours that work well with black are dramatic hues likes jade green, royal purple and lemon yellow.  Supportive neutrals are black, white and clerical grey.



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